Sylvia's 4th Line Florals is a flower farm and florist that grows annual cut flowers, perennial cut flowers, and woody plants for cutting on over 3 acres of cultivated land.

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Sylvia started the business with a small plot in her vegetable garden:

“In 1995 a good friend came to me with an idea: she had two children being married that July, and wondered whether I would plant a few rows of flowers in my then large vegetable garden, to cut from for the celebrations. It sounded like a great challenge and it was the beginning of my ever-growing cut flower business, innocently started with two little rows and now about 3 acres of perennials, woodies, bulbs, annuals, and greenhouses. It actually turned out very nice that first summer, and not without surprises, something that I have kept in mind ever since.”

Since she was also growing bedding plants and vegetable plants for sale, Sylvia started to grow flowers from seed as well. Each year, the field has grown and we have added 4 new greenhouses and a walk-in cooler to improve the quality of our flowers and the length of their growing season. In 2016 we built our dream design studio/workshop.

We are mindful of the environment throughout our production. We use recycled plant pots and trays. We heat our greenhouses minimally and rarely irrigate our plants. We are practicing crop rotation and over-seeding techniques as well as composting all of our waste and using manure to fertilize. We very very rarely spray for bugs and use organic and manual methods as often as possible. While we do have an excellent antique tractor, most of the work in the field is done by hand from planting to weeding to harvesting. It's a lot of work but its a lot of fun, too!